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Dargah Shrine-Daily Time Table

Every day a number of activities are performed by the Khuddam of Hazrat Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaj at the Dargah. These
include Khidmat, Langer, Sama Qawwali and Quran recital.
This ceremony is performed twice,
once early in the morning about at
4.00 a.m. and other at 3.00 p.m.
with a slight difference.
 In the morning it is performed for about an hour before the Fajar prayer.
At this time, the main entrance of the Tomb is opened, by calling Azan.
At this point only Khadims are allowed to enter to perform khidmat.
 In affect, khidmat means cleaning the
Holy Mazar and offering fresh flowers.
The second khidmat takes place at 3.00 p.m.
At this time, all pilgrims are permitted inside the Tomb except ladies.
Now apart from offering flowers, khadims recite Fateha and offer
sandalwood which is also distributed among the pilgrims.
Lighting (Roshnee)



Fifteen minutes before evening prayer the ritual of
Roshnee (lighting) takes place. It starts with khudam bringing candles
inside the Tomb with drums beating in the background.
 Once inside, khadims place these candles in lamps and recite
some Persian verse. Finally the lamps are placed
in the four corners of the Holy Tomb and are lighted.



The Roshini Prayer in Persian

"Khwajae Khwajgaan Moinuddin Ashrafe Auliae Rooae Zamin

Aftabe Sipahre Kono Makaan Badshahe Sareere Mulke Yakeen

   Dar lamaal 0 Kamale Uche Sukhan Ein Mubaiyan Boad Ba Hisne Haseen

 Matlai Dar Sifate Ou Guftam Dar Ebarat Boad Cho Dure Samin

Ai Darat Qibla Gahe Ahle Yakeen Bardart Mehro Mah Sudha jabeen

  Rooe Bar Dargahat hami Sayand Sad Hazaraan Malik Cho Khushra Ve Cheen

 Khadimane Darat Hamah Rizwan Dar Safa Rozaat Cho Khulde Barin

 Zare Khaake Ou Abeer-O- Sarishat Qatrai Aabe Ou Chu Maae Moin

llahi Tabood Khursheed - 0 - Mahi Chirage Chishtiyaa Ra Roshnai"


Karka (Closing ceremony)

Karka is the closing ceremony of the Tomb which takes place
after an hour of Isha prayer. According to old custom,
 about 20 minutes before closing the door,
when fifth part of the night passes,
a person calls to ring five, the clock sounds five times,
the devotees present inside the Tomb are requested
 to go out of the Shrine. Then three khadims clean and sweep the
Tomb. After that they come out of the Tomb and
the bell rings six times. Immediately after that Qawwals sing a special
song called `Karka’. After the song is over,
 the entrance of the Tomb is closed.

Milad & Quran Recital

It’s a complete recital of the
Holy Quran
which takes place every day at
 Jama Masjid and Alamgir Masjid



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